It Begins…

Hey Everyone. Welcome to our Blog!

We’ve created this site because we have a dream of hiking the Colorado Trail next year! So, why blog about it?

Because we need:

  • A constant reminder of our goal
  • A place to log our training hikes and progress, and..
  • An avenue to collect information and advice from those who have gone before!

So please… Follow us!

And feel free to comment, share your experiences and words of wisdom, ask questions, answer questions, give advice, and anything else you think will be beneficial to helping us achieve our dream!

Please see our “Meet the Authors” and “Help. So Many Questions!” pages to learn more about what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it.

You can even visit our “Contact” page to just stop by and say hello!

Happy Trails!

KSCrazy1 & Cd2Ct (a.k.a. Dee)



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