My Turn!

I’m co-writing this blog with a very experienced blogger. This is my first ever blog post. So much pressure to make it interesting and not have my friend feel the need to edit the heck out of it ( yes, she is THAT type ). But I do appreciate that because it would be terribly embarrassing to send out a blog with misspelled words and other grammatical errors for the entire world to critique. So, unless I accidentally hit the publish button before she can look it over, I am hereby declaring any and all mistakes hers ( yes, I am THAT type).

I suppose my purpose in blogging is to keep a record of this journey and hopefully get some great advice from those who love hiking, have done parts or all of the Colorado trail, and to help keep me on track with my training and research.

Here are a few questions to get the proverbial ball rolling:

  1.  What do you wish you would have known before you hiked the CT?
  2. What is the most valuable piece of information you can pass on from your experience on the CT?
  3.  Best camera to bring, considering weight and quality of pictures?
  4. Is it weird to have a trail name before you actually get on the trail?

If number 4 is no, then I claim the name ” Lost” ( seriously, no sense of direction If the answer to number 4 is yes, then I will keep my blogger name of kscrazy1.


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