Heart or Mind

I wonder which is more important when one is trying to accomplish a big goal? Does one’s heart need to be so committed, so passionate, so emotionally invested, so obsessed that it drives one to completion of what’s been started? Or is it one’s mind that needs to be set, focused, prepared, stubborn, able to logically overcome and solve any obstacle encountered along the way?

I’m really hoping the heart turns out to be the winner. My heart tends to lead me.. It all starts with a passion to pursue something. Whether hiking, biking, photography, cooking, exercise routines, backpacking, or even relationships.. my heart sets my course. I tend to throw my entire self into whatever it is I’m pursuing. Perhaps to the level of obsession, but never quite reaching the level of expertise in any one area.

I suppose that’s why I find hiking so fulfilling. Each time I reach the top of a mountain or complete a designated loop, I have immediately conquered a goal. The rewards of being in nature, including the calming of my soul, provide motivation to continue long-term (hopefully lifelong) unlike other passions that may fade away for a multitude of reasons.

So… May my heart lead my mind to accomplish my goals. I’m pretty sure if my mind took the lead I would end up just walking in circles.


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