Bill Williams Mountain Trail by Karen

This hike is 7.5 miles round-trip from the ranger station to the fire tower and back, with an elevation gain of 2122 ft in the 3.75 mile hike up.


Someone left American flags at the base of a tree. It’s nice to see patriotism, especially in light of recent events.

Bill Williams Mountain is very well maintained trail, minus a few fallen trees across it. Started the hike at 7am and enjoyed shade for most of the time. The trail ends at a dirt road that winds up to the look out tower. Just before the road you’ll find two benches to sit and rest on, and there is an outcropping of rocks behind the benches; step to the top, and you’ll get an incredible view!

This is a beautiful hike, which I will likely do again. Maybe with a full pack next time for training! And maybe lunch for the ranger in the lookout tower… if he happens to be there.


9 thoughts on “Bill Williams Mountain Trail by Karen

        1. kscrazy1

          Northern Arizona is full of beauty and mountains. It’s not desert! We have all 4 seasons here and the climate is perfect. Flagstaff is at 7000 elevation, and we have a ski resort, largest ponderosa pine forest in the USA. It’s like a mini Colorado . Can you tell I love it here?
          And thanks for reading and liking my post . Did you see the post and pictures of Mt. Humphreys?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. tarnishedsoul

            I’ll have to go look to see if I did see it. 🙂
            I was in Arizona once when I was little, but I was too young to remember it. Maybe I’ll get a chance to go visit it sometime.

            Liked by 1 person

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