Eco Resort Wedding in Mexico

This wedding was unique, beautiful, and with a great group of people! I made new friends, and have a new appreciation for low temps and low humidity. I post so many forest and mountain hiking pictures that I thought it’d be nice to show my “tropical side” experience. Enjoy…



The ceremony was typical Mayan style, in a language no one understood, with elaborate costumed performers, smoke, fruit, shell trumpet, and all the guests were required to wear white garments. Not a bad idea considering the heat.


Enjoyed seeing these creatures (the raccoon was hilarious), plus spider monkeys (too fast for me to catch on camera), and getting a henna tattoo. I’ve finally decided I want a real tattoo round my ankle, but one with meaning. I’m thinking somehow to incorporate mountain peaks, a bear, an infinity symbol for my never ending desire for adventure, hearts, hmm..  I might need a full body tattoo to cover everything I want! Any tattoo artists out there wanna help me figure out a cool design that will fit around my ankle?





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