I Double Dog Dare You!

Are you stuck in a rut and finding yourself hiking the same few trails over and over again? I say, “Stop it!”. Stop immediately and decide to have new adventures and discoveries! No matter how easy or how hard the trail may be rated, just pick one and do it!

A friend asked if I wanted to try a new trail and I replied with a grin and said, “you know I do!”.

All I knew about this hike was that it was short and easy. Perfect choice, seeing how sore I was from an over zealous workout the day before. My eyes kept glancing at the sky as it was getting darker and thunder rumblings were beginning. I threw my raincoat in my pack and hoped for the best.

This determination stems from my goal of hiking every trail in my city. Otherwise I would have glanced at the sky and shrugged my shoulders and made indoor plans. But thanks to having a goal and my desire for adventure I took a risk. Okay, not much of a risk seeing as the worst that could happen is that I get wet and have to end the hike early. Though lightning is nothing to shrug off.

We started at the trailhead following a sign that pointed us in the right direction, but within just a few feet the trail split in two directions with no sign pointing to which direction we should take. We chose the left trail, but my partner realized we were on an old logging road so we turned around and headed in the right direction this time.

Soon we were surrounded by beautiful ferns and aspen trees. It was stunning. I found myself wanting to take pictures every few feet. My friend was patient and kind about my obsessive picture-taking. Even with the dark clouds rolling in threatening to end the hike.

This trail boasted several sites; fresh springs, historic cabin sites, memorials,  hieroglyphs, and more. Most of these sites were found off the main trail and unmarked, so we were excited to see this well-marked sign and began our search for the cabin. We climbed up as high as we could to get a better view and hopefully spot the location of the cabin. We didn’t see anything so we kept walking and walking and walking. We came to the conclusion the cabin must have been burned to the ground and there was nothing left of it to see. We returned to the main trail and the sign. As we stood there, it dawned on us. The sign WAS marking the place the cabin had been! If you look closely you can see a few rusted pieces that might have been part of the original cabin.




This stack of rocks made me want to climb, even though they looked ready to tumble-down at any minute.


We came across several hand built shelters.


This one looks like it might need some work.


I would definitely stay the night in this one.


The memorial.


A caved in metal roof of another cabin perhaps?



Who would have ever thought such a short hike ( 2 miles) would contain so many interesting historical sites, and encourage exploration to find the hidden springs and structures?!

The threatening dark clouds only led to a few minutes of light scattered rain. Which actually felt refreshing after all our exploring.

Thus I encourage you, and yes, even dare you to go explore a new trail soon! Let me know what you discover!

Happy Trails!



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