So, This Happened Yesterday


My daughter came for a visit and, after years of talking about it, we finally took the leap and got our first tattoos!

It might be hard to see, but she got an aspen tree and I got a pine tree.

Trees are symbolic in so many different ways. Their roots can be connected. Flagstaff has the largest Ponderosa Pine Forest in the World!!

Ponderosa Pine Forest/Flagstaff

Trees line the trails we hike here. The smell of pine is the smell of home.

Tree poems/quotes/inspiration

John Muir has the best quotes!

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

I must say, I keep staring at my little tree tattoo and smiling. What a great reminder of the gift of tree covered mountains to climb. A reminder to let my roots grow deep and strong by the stream and not fear times of drought .

Do you have a meaningful tattoo? I’d love to see it and hear the meaning behind it.

Meanwhile… continue to go out “on a limb” and test your believed limits! Climb higher. Explore new trails. Backpack and get to know nature like never before.

Thanks for stopping by to read this,



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