Opt Outside

Instead of joining the masses of Black Friday shoppers we opted for a beautiful hike in Picture Canyon!

Click here for: History of Picture Canyon
We chose the loop that would allow us to see the entire Canyon.

My only complaint, besides my broken hand, was the lack of signage. I’m pretty sure we were way off trail several times. But in the end we found all the main sites we were looking for. The first being some well preserved hieroglyphs.

Next a series of small waterfalls. Flagstaff has waterfalls?! Who knew?!

It’s a beautiful Canyon to explore .

Part of the Arizona trail runs through this Canyon. This bridge is located on the AZ trail ( crossing the Rio de Flag).

You can also see my wrapped, braced, and sling resting broken hand. (An unfortunate wild tennis swing incident.) Thank goodness for 2 working legs to allow me to continue exploring the great trails of Flagstaff!

Don’t let chilly weather, or broken hands, stop you from exploring!

Bundle up and enjoy this amazing planet!



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