My Very First Warm Jacket

Some may wonder why in the world I haven’t owned a decent outdoor jacket… ever.

It’s a valid question. I suppose the simple answer is I have never planned to be going on multiple long hikes during the winter before. All my previously owned coats/jackets were suitable for the quick in and out of the car trip. Winters have just always been cold, wet, and slightly miserable. Just the price you pay to live in such a beautiful part of the country, or so I thought. In all fairness, I just had no idea I was missing out.  I had looked at the jackets at REI before and when I saw the price tags I’m sure I surmised it was a ludicrous scam and I wanted nothing to do with it.

Perhaps it was the shivering during my last hike that led me back to REI to look at those winter jackets again. I then decided to look on-line and compare jackets prices, reviews, ratings, etc.  I chose the REI Strataloft  jacket in a beautiful blue color and I had it shipped to our local store for pick up. It weighs barely anything, can be stored inside its own pocket, and has great inside pockets, as well as oversized outside pockets so you can access them even while wearing a buckled backpack. I sound like a paid advertisement, but I assure you I am not getting paid. I am just super excited about this jacket!! Oh, I did get this on sale during Cyber Monday sales.

REI Stratocloud Jacket - Women's

How can something so light feel so warm and cozy? I never want to take this jacket off. The only bothersome thing is the occasional “shedding” of feathers. I wonder how many feathers can shed before the jacket loses its warm cozy feeling? Anyway, I am now more motivated than ever to get hiking new trails this winter! We have had our first snow storm and the temps look promising to stay nice and cold. And just FYI, I bought a pair of fleece lined leggings that I wear under my hiking pants and my legs stay so cozy too! As an added bonus to my winter clothing discoveries, I actually purchased gloves and a hat!

Oh No!! I just had a thought! I chose not to get the waterproof hiking boots so my feet could “breathe” more… Anyone  have suggestions for winter hiking boots??

If you have a favorite outdoor winter jacket let me know, just in case this one loses all its feathers, or I decide another jacket just for the heck of it. And don’t forget to share your knowledge of good winter hiking boots.

Feeling almost prepared,



8 thoughts on “My Very First Warm Jacket

    1. Karen

      How about I correct this by saying the very first warm coat I ever purchased?! Haha!
      And ” a bit younger ” is very much an understatement!


  1. Anonymous

    I’m glad you found the perfect jacket for hiking. At my age I’m starting to look at bed jackets! Thrilled you have found your passion and inner self….and all those other deep thoughts! You know I love you, blisters and all💋❤️😜


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