IKEA Hiking

When in Denver, and time is limited & plans are multiplying, one must learn to be adept at multi-tasking.

Therefore, IKEA became my hiking experience while visiting my daughter and helping her update her apartment.

First of all, look at the cool, ultra light backpacks they provide!

It barely weighs anything, though it can hold a staggering amount of weight. It can also double as a rain poncho/tarp.

The trail maps are extremely easy to follow and it’s so well-marked it’s almost impossible to get lost.

And this is just the trail head location map!

Look at the actual trail map details!

When I first saw the peak of this mountain I wondered if we could conquer it. It’s elevation and uneven terrain had me a bit nervous.

But alas, we found ourselves conquering this from top to bottom not only once, but an impressive 4 times over the course of 2 days.

I found the directional arrows extremely helpful and only veered off course a handful of times.

On our last trip we somehow ended up with over 5 supply boxes weighing 58 pounds each. It was time to admit we needed help.

Fortunately this was a very popular trail and fellow hikers were very excited and super helpful.

A few fellow explorers ended up transporting the supply boxes all the way back to my daughter’s apartment (for a modest tip of $65).

After a mere hour (give or take another hour) my daughter and I unpacked and organized all the heavy supply boxes.

And we were rewarded with something beautiful upon which to rest our weary bodies.

Yes, those 5 supply boxes became one beautiful new sectional couch!

IKEA hiking turned out to be a rewarding experience.

We were even inspired to paint some artwork to add to the achievement.

I needed to write something on this blog


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