Bell Rock Sedona

Last night it snowed in Flagstaff, so today seemed a ideal day to head for the warmth of Sedona .

I have great neighbors who enjoy hiking and invited me to go with them to hike around Bell Rock.

This area called Bell Rock Pathway, has several trail options, including a single track path for bike riding.

We hiked about 5 miles that included a loop to Courthouse Butte and Spaceship Rock. The next two photographs should be obvious as to which is which.

These trails are relatively flat but have fantastic views and beautiful spring blooms.

And here is a picture of the actual Bell Rock, that is popular for bouldering as well as hiking. This is also the featured blog picture.

I needed to change the next photo into black and white so that the moon was more noticeable. Thought it was a cool shot.

This area is a perfect place for all ages and fitness levels. It gives you a great sampling of the beauty Sedona contains and the benefits of being in nature!

I would definitely recommend this hike and exploring several of the other loop trails available.

So happy hiking!!



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