Sunset Trail

One of my favorite hikes in Flagstaff. I do believe this was the first hike that Dee and I did as a kickstart to our training for the Colorado Trail last year. This trail meets up with the Heart Trail that I did a few weeks ago. It also takes you the back way to the top of Mt. Elden, which I blogged about in my Fat Mans Loop post . I love how many trails in Flagstaff intersect. This allows a tremendous amount of options for hiking plans.

You can imagine how excited I was to see the warning of bears sighted on this trail! I’ve been anxious to get another chance to use my bear whisperer skill! 

This trail starts off in a heavily treed area before opening into a meadow.

It’s a very popular trail for mountain biking. Most bikers use a bell to let you know they are coming. When they are coming downhill their speeds and rock jumping abilities are impressive! I’ve found myself on more than one occasion shouting ” Be careful”  as they fly by me. Must be the mother instinct in me. A ” don’t worry about me” grin is the usual response I get in return. 

As you climb out of the meadow you are greeted by great views and a breeze that is almost chilly.
From this point you enter the “catwalk” that takes you up to the Mt. Eldens lookout tower.

As you can see there still is a lot of forest recovery needed after the big fire roared through this area.Speaking of fires, you can see the smoke in the distance that was started by a campfire during Memorial weekend . Thankfully it was quickly contained.

A quick stop on Signal hill for a lunch break. This is the only spot in Flagstaff that my phone gets a full 5 bar signal!! Signal hill is just below the Elden Towers.
This hike is rated moderate. I believe the round trip mileage is 9.7. I’m still trying to figure out how to use my new Garmen Fenix watch! It is capable of so many cool things, but somehow I’m still just trying to learn how to set my location and find the start button! I’m wondering if it can track bears?! I was disappointed not to see any on this trip.

Until next hike!



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