A Love Affair ❤️

Have you ever experienced that overwhelming feeling where you forget to breathe? The feeling so strong that your eyes well up with tears? The feeling that you never want to end? The feeling that you think you will never have again? There is no doubt this feeling is love.

Yes, I’m being very vulnerable with all you readers today. I’m exposing my true feelings. The kind you hesitate to share because somehow you fear others will just not understand.

But I’m thinking anyone reading this just might know what’s coming next. That you might be able to relate. That you could also say, “Yes, I have felt the same way”.

It all started at 7am on a clear sunny day.

Let me introduce you to my new love.  Kachina Trail.  It’s what every hiker dreams of. The shaded path with sunlight kissing the few lucky exposed strips of meadow grasses that glow in sheer happiness.

The 50 shades of green that lead your eyes up to majestic rolling hills and mountain tops.

The welcoming path into the wide wonders and watchful eyes of the aspen. The trees that share a single root system, deeply connected forever.

The signs of past scars that just reinforce the strength and beauty of the woods, with a peek at the distance as in anticipation of the future yet to be experienced.

The rock formations that proudly display steadfastness and share secrets of hidden caves and crevices that protect fragile flora and fauna. The kindness of assured shade and shelter.

The largest and oldest humbly towering above with untold years of wisdom.  If it would only speak and share with me from its deep well of knowing.  I wish it would let me sit in the comfort of it’s shade forever as it revealed all I desire to know.

It provides clear signs to let me know I’m on the right path. That I’m not lost.

What a perfectly wonderful affair indeed!

I gladly entrust a piece of my heart to the mystery, grandeur, and quiet wisdom.



6 thoughts on “A Love Affair ❤️

    1. Karen

      I don’t think camping is allowed on this trail. I’ll look into camping permits and where it is legal to camp and get back to you. It would be a beautiful place to camp !!!


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