Contest!! Enter a picture of the most unique place to camp!

Terms and conditions:

You may not enter a place already posted on here. Cause that probably means you never made it past the title of my article. (rude!)

Limit: 2 pictures with brief description of place and why you chose it.

Winner selected on originality and bias of where I’d like to go.

You should probably start following this blog to increase your chances of winning. 😉

Prizes: Publicity, Fame and no Fortune.

Deadline: Must enter by July 12, 2017.  Post your entry in comment area of this blog.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started and possibly challenge you to come up with something more unique! Good luck!

Camping in a cave never looked more romantic!

You could make some seriously toasted marshmallows by this active volcano.

On ice… better keep heat to minimum or else you’ll soon find yourself ….

… camping under water!

I’m not sure if I’d trust that sized limb..

At the zoo for opportunities to discover if you have any special “Animal Whisperer” in you.

Just to say you did it. But if you’re a restless sleeper I’d advise against this one.

I’d be in heaven here!!!

Don’t even think about posting camping pictures inside your house… (or backyard) You will automatically be disqualified! Unless your backyard happens to be in the rainforest.

But please do feel free to post dreamy pictures like this… as long as you tell me where it is and how to get there!!

Good luck and please, please, pretty please post a camping picture soon!!

Looking for ideas (and giggles)!



6 thoughts on “Contest!! Enter a picture of the most unique place to camp!

  1. You might just have set the bar too high here, Karen – there’s no way I could top any of these. Love the one on the side of the cliff. You got to wonder to yourself who took the photograph, though! 🙂
    Keep on posting the good stuff.
    Kindness – Robert.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Karen

      Thanks, Robert!
      Though I’m pretty sure you could find something… I think I just barely hit the tip of the iceberg of possibilities !! So, I challenge you to think of something .
      Ps I just may have left you a hint in this reply .

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Karen

          I never said you had to have camped there yourself! Silly! The idea is to find crazy places that others have been and decide if you want to try it yourself! I can’t give you credit for the iceberg because it was too blatant of a hint… but I will challenge you to find another amazing place to camp!
          Oh, and thanks for the link!


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