Seattle..I’m speechless 

So the trip started out with a delayed flight out of Flagstaff that would cause us to miss our connecting flight in Phoenix. So, we had to drive to Phoenix to make our flight to Seattle. Come to find out that Sky Harbor terminal 4 had been locked down for 3 hours due to a suspicious package. Thankfully, by the time we arrived at the airport the terminal was open but we knew we’d experience delays. However, somehow we managed to score pre-checked status and literally walked right through security. 

Our flight landed in Seattle around midnight and by the time we picked up our luggage and rented a car it was 1:30am!  

Bright and early and hardly rested we kayaked on Puegent Sound and experienced going through the Ballard Locks. Being low in the water in a kayak while surrounded by large boats, whose motors and exhaust fumes level were level with our faces, didn’t diminish the experience. But if you’re a salmon it’s a totally different story. It takes the poor salmon an average of three hours to make it through the narrow opening where they navigate specially designed stairs to help them climb through the locks. The sea otters love to hang out near by and help themselves to this easily awaiting treat.

We had a scheduled walking tour of downtown Seattle just 30 minutes after we finished kayaking. Driving in Seattle was a different kind of experience. In Flagstaff we see people standing on street corners asking for money or food. Here the street corners had people twirling big signs that said ” weed” . They weren’t asking for weed but selling it. I think. Or maybe they were handing it out for free, because what we saw next seemed to be an unusually relaxed group . About 30 bike riders made a parade right through the crowds in the center of Pike Market, also with signs. But their signs were painted on their completely nude bodies!! Tourists grabbed cameras and cheered, mothers covered their children’s eyes, and some of us just were trying to figure out if what we saw was really happening!

We ditched our walking tour to explore on our own. We saw the very first/original Starbucks store, with at least a waiting line two blocks long to get in. I love my coffee but didn’t have the patience or time to wait to just say ” I had a cup of coffee here ” so we just took a selfie in front of the shop and explored some more.

A few sights before we headed on the Ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Good bye Seattle.

I must say Mt. Rainier was calling my name from its majestically mysterious floating form in the distance. I must return to hike it!

We arrived at our bed and breakfast in Port Angeles around 6:30 and explored this quaint town by foot until 10pm.

This ended our first day in Washington. Goodness, did we set a record day for sight seeing and exploring !

Now it is time for breakfast at this lovely old bed and breakfast place before we check out to begin day 2 exploring Hurricane Ridge, waterfalls, rainforests, and continue on our journey.

Stay tuned for a recap of day 2.


One thought on “Seattle..I’m speechless 

  1. Debbie Gallagher

    Sounds wonderful. Larry had a 3 day workshop in Seattle two years ago. Our little hotel was 3 blocks from the harbor. I had a wonderful time exploring the downtown art museum, people watching by the water and of course Pike’s market. I must say your little parade sounds even more exciting then watching them throw the fish. Enjoy the rest of your trip in the beautiful North West.

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