Did you see the beauty spot?

An Indian boy asked his younger sister if she had seen the beauty spot. As she smiled and nodded yes he proceeded to ask her a follow up question. ” Was it full of beautiful ?”

Now it was my turn to nod and smile because I couldn’t have said it better myself . Hurricane Ridge is indeed full of beautiful!


After hiking for awhile we came across an avalanche that had blocked our path. I was so excited to blog about the avalanche until I saw this sign.

A snow drift. A stinking uneventful snow drift. How I hate when reality points out my desire for the dramatic.

This fluffy guy was more than happy to pose for me. Marmots are just so cuddly looking.

This deer had no fear of the ” avalanche ” as he grazed right next to it. Unimpressed with the snow and our presence.

A few random thoughts on these drinks we picked up at the visitor center :

It’s funny what amuses me. Today it was Boxed water. Somewhere in my memories of  my elementary school cafeteria , I’m drinking milk from a small carton. As I took a sip from this water box, I swear it tasted like milk. I couldn’t get the memory of the taste out of my mouth. Odd.

But, Huckleberry lemonade is a taste I’m going to crave for awhile! I thought Montana was the only place that sold Huckleberry flavored things! What a sweet surprise.

Back to our travels.. after reluctantly leaving the ” beauty spot” of Hurricane Ridge we headed to Merrymere Waterfall.

This hour and half hike only took us 40 minutes… we still had a rainforest to fit into this day!

The Hoh rainforest is a great place to get lost. Trails going every which direction! We took as many as we could in 2.5 hours. Despite the posted signs of frequent bear sighting and aggressive elks in calf season we only encountered a poor little stranded bird in a crevice next to a trail.

Looking for a 4 leaf clover

Having tree fun

A few favorite pics

This last picture is super cool reflection of rain forest in spring water!

Now… the drive to Moclips  for our our stay at Ocean Crest resort .

People drive their cars and line up on the beach as if at a drive in movie. Unfortunately, we had no camera with us to catch the amazing sunset. Best drive in movie ever!

This morning we started our day with a drive on the beach before heading on the road towards Coos Bay, our destination for tonight.

Hoping to have a few adventures on the way.
Stay tuned!

From the 101 Highway !



6 thoughts on “Did you see the beauty spot?

  1. Anonymous

    Sleepless in Seattle!!!! Who could sleep and take a chance on missing these things you have seen? I’m horrified to think I wasted my youth or health on an assortment of drivel!!!!!!! Hats off to the Copleys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen

      I just finished reading your blog. I love how Hannah was demonstrating things as you narrated the videos. Beautiful pictures and yes, it took me right back to my hike near there. And what a score you got on the hotel !!


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