Giants in the Forest

I’ve never felt so insignificant in my life. Standing in a redwood forest, surrounded by ancient towering skyscrapers. No camera or words could possibly do this place justice.

  You just need to experience it yourself. I will share just a few attempts at capturing the size of these redwoods.

Btw, remember yesterday’s post about the knights. Well, what do you know… at the end of a bridge in this vast cathedral look who I ran into.

A beautiful voice yodeling in a foreign language. The language barrier prevented me from learning about her, but there were a lot of giggling and nodding going on.

Anyways, let me back up to the Oregon Coast experience.. many hours before we reached California.

Okay, let’s just start with a question. Who would have veered off the road thinking there was a trail here ? Again, no signs. No signs of a trail and no signs that a trail existed here. 

I looked at Clutch like maybe he was delusional from driving so much. He just said, ” let’s get out here.” As if this place looked like anything but what it looked like. A dirt pull off.

I really hate it when I’m wrong. But however he managed it, we found a 6 inch wide trail leading under the road. And after walking on a sand dune for awhile this is the scene we ended at.

The picture right above is what the trail looked like. I’m holding a cool piece of wood I found on the beach in the first picture. I haven’t figure out how to add photos in order while blogging on my phone .

Here are a few more trails and sites along the Oregon Coast.

A found a whale in the water! See him?

Oregon is a land of bridges, lakes, rivers, bays, creeks, and beaches. So many beaches that they ran out of names and started simply calling them Beach 1, 2, and 3. Oh, before they ran out of names they called every beach ” rock” something. Like arch rock, house rock, whale face rock, haystack rock, etc.

I would love to return to Oregon to hike the many trails we had to pass by.  The coast line bike trail looks like a great way to travel too. Oh, if you don’t know, it’s illegal to pump your own gas here! I rather like that law!

After the trip I’ll post a map and names of all the places we hiked.

For now, here was our view of the Golden Gate Bridge as we arrived in San Francisco !

I miss Oregon already!



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