Hearst Castle

250,000 acres!!!!!!

Polar bears, zebras, and baby elephants used to live among the cattle on this massive estate. The cattle still roam and even some zebras can be seen along Hwy. 1.

I almost thought about taking a quick dip in this 25k gold pool would be worth getting arrested and fined. Until I learned the fine was in the thousands of dollars range! 

Apparently, Lady Gaga got to film a music video around this pool and the outdoor pool. The outdoor pool is now drained and under renovations. Not even a 250,000 donation could buy Lady Gaga a swim in the pools!

Beautiful gardens and fountains are found scattered through out the castle grounds.

Spectacular views and statues are around every corner.

Hearst castle is where high society first began socializing with film stars. Some guests included Charlie Chapman, Bing Crosby, and Mr. Warner from Warner Brother Studios.  High stakes poker games and billiards were played. Monopoly became a favorite also.

The castle has rich memories and is being maintained for future generations to enjoy. 

I’ll end this short post with a beautiful sunset at our destination for the night: Morro Bay.



6 thoughts on “Hearst Castle

    1. Karen

      Thanks Dan. We explored this little town last night and might spend a few hours around here this morning before going in search of a good winery.


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