Let loose

Sometimes you miss the ocean and want to paint a turtle .
Freedom of free and loose technique… just let go and see what happens! I kinda like this little guy!

Whimsical is definitely my style!



8 thoughts on “Let loose

    1. Karen

      This little guy is on a 8×10 canvas. And thanks, there is just something lovable about him . I’d name him, but I can’t get too attached for he is going to a new home 😊

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        1. Karen

          Yes, this is the one. He wasn’t even for sale, very flattering someone just asked to buy him.
          Tell Gilbert I said hello and that his older brother Galton was my pet rock for three years. After that, I released back into the river bed with the rest of the family. He fondly spoke of his pebble brother.

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          1. Ahh! Gilbert says …
            Well, actually he doesn’t say much of anything. He’s more the strong, silent type – you know?
            You show remarkable ability to love and then to let go. You must teach me this one fine day soon. 🙂

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  1. Karen

    Hmmm… I guess this means the painting was never mine! And Galton… gasp… he was not mine either?!

    Stupid Richard Bach. What’s he know anyhow?


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