Meet the Authors

We’re just two gals from Arizona with a passion to hike! Particularly, the Colorado Trail.
Karen (KSCrazy1)

Some may ask why not the Arizona trail? Though there are many beautiful trails here in our home state there’s just something magical about the Rocky Mountains and Colorado in general. I’ve also followed a few through hikers on the Appalachian trail, via The descriptive accounts of their journey definitely intrigued me, though my reading led me to believe the culture of the trail wasn’t what I was seeking. Nor did hiking 2,120 miles right now sound appealing. I want a Colorado adventure! In a beautiful setting, with a minimal amount of people, and plenty of water sources!

Bday Latte 2013
Dee (aka: editor-in-chief!) 🙂

And I just got lucky and was invited to come along! Or did I invite myself? Hmm… Either way, I’m totally stoked and can’t wait to hit the dirt! I’m originally from Florida; and though there is still something about the solitude and vastness of the ocean that calms my soul and helps me to center, I have fallen in love with the mountains of the American Southwest.  Backpacking a trail of this magnitude has been a passion of mine for many years, though the fire burned even brighter after watching movies like “Wild” and “A Walk in the Woods”. And even Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” (though I’m trusting for a better ending). So why haven’t I done it? I suppose I was just waiting for the perfect hiking partner! And now that we’ve found each other… Colorado Trail, here we come!

Happy Trails! 
Karen & Dee


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