Valid excuses?

I have only posted once so far this year. I hang my head in shame. Time to justify such rudeness to  my readers. Top excuses:

1.  I have an acute tear in a ligament in the bottom of my left foot, which makes hiking, or even just walking, a literal pain.

2. I am distracted by the new exercise routines that my injured foot has required: yoga, swimming, core classes,  and strengthening classes. I am barefoot or wearing my specially designed support flip flops during these exercises. Wearing flip flops in the snow, or to exercise in, is no big deal around here. Unless you are new to Flagstaff, you know anything goes in this funky little town. Reason #6,834 that I love this place.

3. Acupuncture, especially enduring 6-10 needles in the palm of your hand, makes you unable to type without a bit of surging pain. Oddly enough I endure that in hopes of easing the pain in my left foot. The human body is truly remarkable.

4.  I have learned the beauty of sitting in a hot tub after exercise is a great way to relax and forget everything. Including forgetting my blog.

5. I’ve been busy painting 🙂


My new Etsy shop

Come visit me and my original paintings. It’s a new venture for me!


Thank you!!



Morning dawns as I pour my first cup of coffee and wander outside to enjoy what only can be enjoyed at this hour on this day.
Songbirds sing, hummingbirds viciously fight over drops of sweet nectar, and the breeze brings a waft of recent rain, pine, and meadow grasses.
Peace interrupted by the slicing blades of a helicopter and car traffic in the distance.
Such is my mind; a blissful calm until the noise of life begins to blare .


Let loose

Sometimes you miss the ocean and want to paint a turtle .
Freedom of free and loose technique… just let go and see what happens! I kinda like this little guy!

Whimsical is definitely my style!