Radiology Rhetoric and Invitation to my party ūüéČ

I’m reading my MRI results on my left foot ,with a dictionary by my side ,to decipher the radiologist’s findings. Two pages long full of medical/technical terms. He does sound rather intelligent and knowledgeable in his report. But I couldn’t understand any of it.

My bone fracture has healed but apparently there are many more issues with my foot that continue to cause high levels of pain during my beloved activities of hiking and tennis. Even just walking.

I am sidelined from all impact type activities and back in a boot for the next month. After my hour or so long pity party, I decided to research exactly what’s causing all my pain.

The only thing I heard during my doctors appointment was ” Get back in the boot and stop having any kind of fun” . Okay, not a direct quote ,but that’s what I heard.

Here is the best translation I could come up with from the MRI report using google/dictionary

1. I have bone marrow swelling where the tendons and ligaments attach to my heel bone with some widening … of something around there . This is caused by response to an injury. ( guessing the heel fracture started all that )

2. Swelling ( large amounts of fluid) were found inside my ankle joint and on the bottom of my heel.

3. The tendon that attaches to the underside of my foot and controls movement in my ankle is disturbed deep enough to compress a nerve.

4. I have a longitudinal split tear. Also ,at least, a partial thickness tear. He suggested an ultrasound to confirm/enhance the findings.

5. My planter fascia is over double the thickness of a normal fascia.

6. Combine all this together and it equals planter fasciitis with tears to tendons and ligaments. With severe swelling /compression/tightening/ causing intense pain.

7. Treatment: start with a month in the boot and extremely limited activity. Ice and Motrin. Keep foot elevated as much as possible.

8. Re-evaluate and when healed begin PT and possible cortisone shots. Then consider slowly trying activities.

Once again, my goal of finishing all the hikes on my trail map is sidelined.

My love/hate relationship with Tennis is on hold. Love the sport but hate the lack of my ability to put together everything I’ve learned into practice during a match.

My hiking club is without a leader.

I feel another pity party coming on so I best stop here.



ps: you’re invited to my party

Selfie after first pity party, but at least I was having a good hair day ūüėČ


We meet again!!

Today was an adventure . I just love adventure.

Sunday started out as an ordinary day but thankfully didn’t end as such.

I was driving a meal out to a friends house , a house which I’ve never been to before. It’s a bit out of town and in a beautiful location of acres upon acres of open space. I rang the door bell and my friends husband opened the door while struggling to keep his overly eager dog from jumping on me. He smiled and said, ” Just come on in.” He turned his back towards me as he walked and held tightly onto his dogs collar. I followed him in and then IT happened.

I found myself staring into the eyes of someone I never thought I’d see again!!!

Quick.. what was the first thing that popped into your mind? Who do you think it might have been?

I’m just going to say matter how great of a guess you made ( that is if you even tried to guess) you’d be wrong.

How can I be so sure? How sure am I ? So sure, I’d bet my life on it.

Is the suspense killing you? Or boring you?

Okay , okay , I’ll just continue.

I was staring directly into the face of the bear I had met on a hike! ( see my blog entitled :Oh Hi, Mr. Freakishly large black bear)

I’d know that face anywhere! And here he was still staring at me. He had obviously been to a taxidermist and been kept with an amazingly happy face and in perfect pose!

I starting laughing so hard that I had to explain my previous encounter and soon we were all laughing. My friends husband is obsessed with bears. He tracked this bear for months and had a friend from Colorado come help him finish the hunt when he acquired a license to hunt a bear. They actually tracked and killed this bear near the same area as I encountered him. Now, I’m not going to go into how I feel about bear hunting.. it would change the tone of this post . But I was able to engage with this hunter and it went something like this.

“Hey, I’m a bear whisperer ” says me.

This comment is returned with a very confused look.

“No, really”, I continue , “you don’t need your friend from Colorado ”

Awkward silence

” If you ever want to meet a bear just take me along and you’ll see in just a few minutes one will saunter right up to me to have a nice little chat” I said trying to fill the awkward silence.

Laughter filled the air, until I just had to go one step too far.

” No, I’m serious ”

Awkward silence returns.

It was my turn to laugh, though inwardly I still think I am a bear whisperer, but realize sometimes it’s best to keep this kind of information a secret. Especially if you don’t want to end up in a straight jacket.

Anyways, I asked them to send me a picture of the bear so I could introduce you to.. poor Cinnamon.

Yes, I named him.

But seriously, look at how cute!!

Now, he may not look ” freakishly large” but one can just assume the taxidermist needed to reduce his size to fit this corner of the home and onto the attractive base.

But, I know that face .


The bear whisperer


My torn ligament is officially accompanied by a fractured bone. One X-ray told the whole story. Wish I would have taken a pic of it!

So my excitement over new activities has now been reduced to just swimming.

I’ve been given permission to wear my boot to the poolside , remove it and scoot on my behind to edge of pool and carefully slide it making sure my left foot never touched the bottom or side of pool. I repeat this very awkward procedure to sit in the hot tub.

The break is in my heel. But doc believes it will heal without surgery. I’m very thankful for that, and for the ability to swim.

Even though all other activities are suspended for at least 6-8 weeks I am still thankful.

I experienced a day in a wheelchair exploring the very crowded 4th Avenue Street Fair in Tucson. I will, and do,¬†encourage you to have much greater empathy for those confined to a wheelchair. It is not fun. Not relaxing. Not a sign of a weak or lazy human. Make eye contact with these people, offer a smile or encouraging word. And please, above all else, don’t get angry at the person in the chair if you happened to get bumped by it. Look at the person pushing the chair and then the mortified face of the one in the chair who is profusely apologizing and show some mercy!!!!

And if you see someone almost getting dumped on their face while maneuvering a curb in a wheelchair, do not laugh, even if they are laughing, just simply offer to help.

If you see someone in a wheelchair offer to help them reach something that they obviously want but obviously cannot reach from their position. Whether in a grocery store, mall, or crowded street fair.

Crutches are a whole different obstacle and those hobbling on them deserve to be shown extra mercy… such as.. ” Sit here and let me get you what you need” or ” you poor thing, let me buy you a drink and blister cream for your hands and armpits.”

Best thing ever to hear while on crutches, ” let me get you a motorized cart”

Anyways, I am going to become a much more compassionate person through this. And perhaps an élite swimmer!

Time to go now and enjoy each new challenge thrown at me,

Bring it on!

The girl who will never ever take her feet for granted again.

Ps.. acupuncture for a broken bone doesn’t really help much, so at least my palms are getting a rest.

Valid excuses?

I have only posted once so far this year. I hang my head in shame. Time to justify such rudeness to  my readers. Top excuses:

1.  I have an acute tear in a ligament in the bottom of my left foot, which makes hiking, or even just walking, a literal pain.

2. I am distracted by the new exercise routines that my injured foot has required: yoga, swimming, core classes,  and strengthening classes. I am barefoot or wearing my specially designed support flip flops during these exercises. Wearing flip flops in the snow, or to exercise in, is no big deal around here. Unless you are new to Flagstaff, you know anything goes in this funky little town. Reason #6,834 that I love this place.

3. Acupuncture, especially enduring 6-10 needles in the palm of your hand, makes you unable to type without a bit of surging pain. Oddly enough I endure that in hopes of easing the pain in my left foot. The human body is truly remarkable.

4.  I have learned the beauty of sitting in a hot tub after exercise is a great way to relax and forget everything. Including forgetting my blog.

5. I’ve been busy painting ūüôā