What does homecoming and art have in common?

Maybe just this.



Morning dawns as I pour my first cup of coffee and wander outside to enjoy what only can be enjoyed at this hour on this day.
Songbirds sing, hummingbirds viciously fight over drops of sweet nectar, and the breeze brings a waft of recent rain, pine, and meadow grasses.
Peace interrupted by the slicing blades of a helicopter and car traffic in the distance.
Such is my mind; a blissful calm until the noise of life begins to blare .

In progress

Back home and in my "studio" working on this painting. Im waiting for the day when I finish a painting and say " yes! That's how I wanted it to turn out!"
I'm pretty sure that day won't come until I actually take some art classes and learn to do what I want to do.
Until then, I'm enjoying sitting in front of a blank canvas and watching what happens.. the good and the bad. The surprising the frustrating. The satisfaction the disappointment. The laughter and the not bad enough to cry over.

Back to the easel.