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Morning dawns as I pour my first cup of coffee and wander outside to enjoy what only can be enjoyed at this hour on this day.
Songbirds sing, hummingbirds viciously fight over drops of sweet nectar, and the breeze brings a waft of recent rain, pine, and meadow grasses.
Peace interrupted by the slicing blades of a helicopter and car traffic in the distance.
Such is my mind; a blissful calm until the noise of life begins to blare .

In progress

Back home and in my "studio" working on this painting. Im waiting for the day when I finish a painting and say " yes! That's how I wanted it to turn out!"
I'm pretty sure that day won't come until I actually take some art classes and learn to do what I want to do.
Until then, I'm enjoying sitting in front of a blank canvas and watching what happens.. the good and the bad. The surprising the frustrating. The satisfaction the disappointment. The laughter and the not bad enough to cry over.

Back to the easel.


A Big Hole In The Ground

That is what my daughter so fondly calls the Grand Canyon. She might be a bit jaded, because she had to drive there several times a week for a year, while working at the Canyon medical clinic. Speaking of which, guess what is the most common reason people go to the medical clinic? Let me help you out by giving you a multiple choice option:

  1. Dehydration
  2.  Abrasions from trail hiking
  3.  The common cold
  4.  Injuries from a squirrel attack.

If you guessed #4 you are correct!! There is a reason there are signs posted everywhere that say ” Please don’t feed the squirrels” .  Too many visitors ignored this sign and have fed these creatures for years. Now these little rascals have developed an insatiable appetite for human food and will literally attack you if you dare to try to feed them something healthy. Okay, that is probably not true. But it is true that they bite and it is true that it is the number one cause of  injury seen at the Grand Canyon clinic.

Now on to the point. If you have not seen this incredible “hole in the ground” you must put it on your destination wish list. If you have visited before you need to come again and do a tour with Canyon Ministries. Every season has its own astounding beauty. There is no right or wrong time to visit the Grand Canyon! However there is a right and a wrong time to hike the Grand Canyon, in my humble opinion! I will save that for another post.

Several weeks ago my daughter, my Mom, and I took a Sunset Tour with Canyon Ministries. Our tour guide , Nate Loper, ( Follow Nate on Twitter ) was simply amazing. He does tours 5-6 days a week and says, “I never get bored” and “There is always something new to see”. His enthusiasm is contagious and his knowledge of the park was impressive.  He shared the latest scientific theory on how the Grand Canyon was formed, among other very fascinating facts. He also knew all the best places and times to take photographs in the park.  I can’t wait to another tour with him again. Maybe a 9 day river tour!

Check out this company and book something soon!  You will be so glad you did!

Canyon Ministries

Here is a glimpse of the few sites we saw  during the tour:



I will leave you with this as the last image in your head as you plan your trip to the Grand Canyon!_DSC0179