What’s right or wrong about each picture?

Anything stand out to you in the picture?
Yes, that sailboat is WAY too close to the beach.

This lady was definitely struggling to walk. But what's so right about this picture is that she was still doing it, still walking. Not only that she was also making sure her little dog was getting fresh air and exercise too. To add to the rightness of this photo, she was even picking up trash left on the beach by thoughtless others.

What was wrong with this is that he caught himself up in his net and nothing else.

This was not a real whale tail! Surprised, aren't you? 😉 But how clever to design a bench like this on a pier!

What's right with this picture is I never get lost in a crowd, my hair is just a give away.
What's wrong about this picture? Look at that head of hair I have to deal with. 😂😂

Just everything is right! Picture Perfect picnic place!

What's wrong is that this is just part of the crowd waiting over an hour to ride the new " Car's" ride at California adventure! What's worse was: I was in that crowd!

What's so wrong with this picture?! I saw either a shark or dolphin cruising behind surfers this morning on Newport Beach and I could NOT get a decent picture!

What's right is that I got to drive through a tree. What's wrong is that it's a shameless tourist trap I couldn't resist!

Right: beautiful secluded beach
Wrong: wind whipping sand up my legs with such force it felt like a giant sandpaper scraping the skin off me.

Walking away from my time at the beach.. just wrong. Also, I don't know whose footprints those are but I thought it'd make a cool shot!

I'm back home in Flagstaff now from the drive and stop Seattle to LA experience .
A wonderful trip for sure.

But it is good to be home!



Rocks and Wine

A climb up Bishop Peak in San Luis Obispo sure makes you thirsty. It was so dry and hot all I could do was dream of frozen strawberry lemonade . Nothing else would quench such a thirst. I finished all the water I had carried by the time I reached the top. The hike back with the sun beating down, the dust under my feet, the blast of hot winds and my slight anxiety of heights led to me to ask everyone I saw on the trail if they happened to have some frozen lemonade with them.  The usual response was a shrug and ” no, I’m sorry” . The occasional laugh and ” I wish” gave me hope that my craving wasn’t totally seen as a delusional heat stroke induced request. 

This hike was an obvious favorite for local hikers and climbers. Though busy and steep it was well worth the effort for such views. And yes, even the thirst couldn’t diminish my enjoyment of this place.

Immediately upon completion of the hike a quick sprint to the car and drive to the nearest lemonade location was my only thought. After quenching my thirst with a Starbucks blended strawberry lemonade it was time to head to the land of wineries.

After trying a flight of wines, I realized I really know nothing about wines. Maybe this is due to the fact I usually drink whiskey. Anyways, it was a nice experience and I’m proud to say I left without purchasing a magnum of wine for 300 dollars. Two new wine terms added to my vocabulary. Flight and magnum.Check.

The heat of the sun, the hike up the ridge, and flight of wine made me extremely sleepy. A happy sleepy but a ” I don’t feel like doing anything else”  kind of sleepy. So here I am, lying in bed and wondering if 8pm is just too early for bedtime. 

Nah, it sounds just about right.

Until tomorrow,


Hearst Castle

250,000 acres!!!!!!

Polar bears, zebras, and baby elephants used to live among the cattle on this massive estate. The cattle still roam and even some zebras can be seen along Hwy. 1.

I almost thought about taking a quick dip in this 25k gold pool would be worth getting arrested and fined. Until I learned the fine was in the thousands of dollars range! 

Apparently, Lady Gaga got to film a music video around this pool and the outdoor pool. The outdoor pool is now drained and under renovations. Not even a 250,000 donation could buy Lady Gaga a swim in the pools!

Beautiful gardens and fountains are found scattered through out the castle grounds.

Spectacular views and statues are around every corner.

Hearst castle is where high society first began socializing with film stars. Some guests included Charlie Chapman, Bing Crosby, and Mr. Warner from Warner Brother Studios.  High stakes poker games and billiards were played. Monopoly became a favorite also.

The castle has rich memories and is being maintained for future generations to enjoy. 

I’ll end this short post with a beautiful sunset at our destination for the night: Morro Bay.


The Black Knight “None shall pass “

As I mentioned in previous posts, I love the unexpected adventures of hiking.

Clutch and I randomly decided to pull the car over while cruising down the Oregon Coastline from Washington . We saw what looked like a trail so we headed down it, seeing as our legs were cramping from sitting in the car for several hours.

Just take a peek at this unnamed trail..

This dense forest would have been great just as it was, but soon we saw a flowing creek exposed through the thick folliage . And as if that wasn’t enough, we came across this cool wooden bridge where we were greeted by some knights.

I’m sure this has happened to all of you, right? No? Shocking, it seemed so normal to be confronted by knights on a random, unnamed trail!

They were kind enough to allow us to pass unharmed. However, they told us the black night wasn’t so kind to the green knight or to Sir Arthur. 

We reluctantly left this scene to continue down this trail. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better the trail ended here :

A secluded beach area.

A fun adventure for sure!


Seattle..I’m speechless 

So the trip started out with a delayed flight out of Flagstaff that would cause us to miss our connecting flight in Phoenix. So, we had to drive to Phoenix to make our flight to Seattle. Come to find out that Sky Harbor terminal 4 had been locked down for 3 hours due to a suspicious package. Thankfully, by the time we arrived at the airport the terminal was open but we knew we’d experience delays. However, somehow we managed to score pre-checked status and literally walked right through security. 

Our flight landed in Seattle around midnight and by the time we picked up our luggage and rented a car it was 1:30am!  

Bright and early and hardly rested we kayaked on Puegent Sound and experienced going through the Ballard Locks. Being low in the water in a kayak while surrounded by large boats, whose motors and exhaust fumes level were level with our faces, didn’t diminish the experience. But if you’re a salmon it’s a totally different story. It takes the poor salmon an average of three hours to make it through the narrow opening where they navigate specially designed stairs to help them climb through the locks. The sea otters love to hang out near by and help themselves to this easily awaiting treat.

We had a scheduled walking tour of downtown Seattle just 30 minutes after we finished kayaking. Driving in Seattle was a different kind of experience. In Flagstaff we see people standing on street corners asking for money or food. Here the street corners had people twirling big signs that said ” weed” . They weren’t asking for weed but selling it. I think. Or maybe they were handing it out for free, because what we saw next seemed to be an unusually relaxed group . About 30 bike riders made a parade right through the crowds in the center of Pike Market, also with signs. But their signs were painted on their completely nude bodies!! Tourists grabbed cameras and cheered, mothers covered their children’s eyes, and some of us just were trying to figure out if what we saw was really happening!

We ditched our walking tour to explore on our own. We saw the very first/original Starbucks store, with at least a waiting line two blocks long to get in. I love my coffee but didn’t have the patience or time to wait to just say ” I had a cup of coffee here ” so we just took a selfie in front of the shop and explored some more.

A few sights before we headed on the Ferry to Bainbridge Island.

Good bye Seattle.

I must say Mt. Rainier was calling my name from its majestically mysterious floating form in the distance. I must return to hike it!

We arrived at our bed and breakfast in Port Angeles around 6:30 and explored this quaint town by foot until 10pm.

This ended our first day in Washington. Goodness, did we set a record day for sight seeing and exploring !

Now it is time for breakfast at this lovely old bed and breakfast place before we check out to begin day 2 exploring Hurricane Ridge, waterfalls, rainforests, and continue on our journey.

Stay tuned for a recap of day 2.