Everyone awaits their moment to shine

that moment in which one’s self  is highlighted and recognized

the moment in which one’s true genius is finally revealed

But that kind of shine is quickly dimmed by the next person’s moment

That kind of moment is only temporary, fleeting in the mirage of time


But what if one decided to live a life that truly shined?

Not just a singular moment, but an entire life?

I imagine that life would exude joy from the inside out, not dependent on life’s ever-changing circumstances, but firmly in place at all times.

A life that is focused on others, not-self.

A life that strives to share the beauty of all that surrounds us. A life that hopes and fills each moment with beautiful, meaningful, purposeful, and godly actions.

Let the eyes of our hearts be enlightened.

Does not light chase out the darkness?

I want to live a life that shines, not momentarily, but with all the time I am granted to live this one life I am given.

The promises of God, the source of light, are far better than any fleeting “shining moment” this life has to offer.

James M. Barrie said, “Those who bring Sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves”.

So here’s to a bright tomorrow!

Shine on!


via Daily Prompt: Shine