Biking More Dangerous than Bears

My first bike ride of the year turned out to be a bit more challenging than expected.

I realize you use different muscles to bike then you do hike, but seriously, I felt as if my training wheels had just been taken off.

I have a fairly new Cannondale Quick 3 cross bike. Not a surprise that I chose a cross bike since I could not decide between a road bike and a mountain bike. So now I have neither. This might explain why riding on single track technical trails felt like a bucking bronco ride. I have not spent enough time on my bike to trust it to do what it’s built to do. Fair enough to say it was not built as a technical trail mountain bike. So, ergo, I was correct in not trusting it.

After surviving the bronco ride, the trail led to a smoother trail – that is until a left turn led me down a steep cindered hill. My faith in my bike already about gone, and my faith in my bike riding skills long gone, I found myself applying the brakes with constant pressure. My bike was slipping in the cinders, so I tightened my grip on the brakes full force. That’s when my bike slid out from under me and I did some amazing gymnastic move to not tumble all the way down with it.. using my left leg as a hook to stop the bike.


More bruising is showing even as I type this. It would have been a lot worse had I been going fast. Cinders can rip up your skin. This was just my bike marking its final landing. Perhaps a handle bar, a pedal, or maybe my chain had left its own mark. Not mortally wounded I continued on.

The trail then led to a dirt road through a neighborhood. I cranked it up along an upward stretch of the road and pushed myself so hard that I had to pull over at the top to catch my breath, which seemed almost impossible. Ahh… my first asthma attack in over a year.

The rest of the ride, with only a fraction of my lung capacity, was enough to promise myself to get in better cardio shape and build my endurance.

Upon finally making it home and finding my inhaler, I celebrated surviving my first bike ride of the year.