No Winter Blues

Last year, on this exact day, I was enjoying fresh-baked mango bread in Hawaii.

Today I’m watching a winter wonderland appear before my eyes.

The temptation was to envy the past. But alas, today is called the present for a reason. It’s a day to enjoy and find the best in it. I just needed to unwrap it. So, I filled a thermos with hot coffee, put on my bathing suit, grabbed a towel and headed to a local gym. Not for a routine workout, merely for enjoyment.

Not surprisingly the outdoor hot tub was empty, as the snow was gently falling from the sky and cascading off tree branches with each gentle breeze. ‘Breeze’ sounds like a tropical term, but it wasn’t a gust and the sun was slightly shining, so I decided the term breeze was to be deemed proper.

My sunglasses and flip-flops seemed slightly out-of-place as I approached the welcoming steam of the hot tub. But I must confess, even with an outdoor temp of 30 degrees, I was not cold. Maybe my attire had a placebo effect on me.

As I sat in the hot tub sipping my coffee I found myself smiling. Winter is beautiful. Each season reveals its own secrets and invites exploration. I love that exploration doesn’t have to be typical, expected, or even deemed normal.

Proof : When I sent some snow selfies to friends and family the responses were filled with phrases like “Are you crazy” and “Where are you?”. No, I wasn’t in ski gear on the slopes, nor sporting sensible cold weather garb. I was in my swim suit sitting outside in the snow, with no other reason than to simply explore winter in my own way.

I embraced the gift of today and in return was given the beauty of this season; the relaxation from the warmth of the water, coffee, and gratitude for being here.