The Colorado Hike that Started it All

Welcome to Ice Lakes near Silverton, Colorado



Ice Lakes is a 7 mile round trip hike that climbs 1600 feet within the first 2 miles, with the highest elevation point reaching 12,270 feet.

The trail is a beautiful trek that winds in and out of lush forests and beautiful meadows – replete with wildflowers and gorgeous views. It ultimately leads above the tree line to a gorgeous turquoise blue lake. (These pictures are not re-touched at all. That is the actual color of the lake. A simply spectacular site!) It was here that I first realized there is something magical about Colorado.


Our tent, having the perfect view (as evidenced by the first picture) was the lone tent as far as our eyes could see. In the middle of the night it became perfectly clear why we were the only ones camping overnight. With frozen toes and uncontrollable shivering, in spite of proper clothing, we unzipped the tent and soon learned part of the lake was frozen over! Ahh, the name Ice Lake became as crystal clear as the water.

I highly recommend doing this hike late May through the first week of August. Otherwise, you might lose a toe or two. 🙂