Government Prairie

A 15.2 mile bike loop. That is, if you can find it!

Directions to this destination are almost impossible to find. No signs or markings, and a forest road only fit for high clearance vehicles, make this prairie a hidden gem inside Parks, AZ.



This flat, though rocky trail can take you in several directions via faded wooden signs at intersecting trails. I never found the  15.2 mile loop but did take several smaller loops that actually provided more variety of scenery than expected.

Views of the Peaks, remnants of wild flower patches, cinder cones, an abandoned horse camp, field birds, a huge galloping lone elk, a circling helicopter, and not one other biker, hiker, or vehicle to be seen in this vast prairie.

I will put this one my calendar to explore next spring when the flowers are in full bloom, the weather is cooler, and I plan for an all day exploration with time to sit under the shade of a tree and take in all the sights and sounds this hidden gem has to offer.