Summer Trail Food

Great post! One I want to keep handy for all the good trail food ideas.

Borrowed from Wandering Lana. Thanks Lana!


Trail Blazing Lana

As I have been prepping for my trip coming up, I began making lists of food to get at the grocery.  The food I went shopping for is somewhat different than the trail food I would eat in other seasons.

My requirements for summer trail food:

  • little water needed. (must be more efficient since the high temperatures, most water will be reserved for drinking)
  • Will not melt (avoiding chocolate and foods that will spoil)
  • lightweight

So here is what I picked up from the store pictured below!


My meal plans are the following:


  • Oatmeal.  Will empty packages into zip lock baggies and add a scoop of whey protein and freeze dried fruit. I prefer the crunchies brand strawberries and bananas.
  • Snack bars. I really nutrigrain fruit harvest. It is made with fruit and oats, not as prone to crumbling as the other nutrigrain bars. I also like curate bars…

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